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BIO 113 — Dinosaurs

Updated 1 December 2016

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Description: Principles of evolution, ecology, behavior, anatomy and physiology using dinosaurs and other extinct life as case studies. Geological processes and the fossil record. Day field trip on weekend required. Cannot be used for major credit in the biological sciences. General studies: SG.

Current Sections:
Lecture: TTh 9:00-10:55, CLCC 256
Lab: Fri 10:30-1:15, CLCC 352
Lab: Fri 2:00-4:45, CLCC 352

Texts: D.E. Fastovsky & D.B. Weishampel, 2012. Dinosaurs: A Concise Natural History, 2nd ed. Cambridge Univ. Press.
U.M. Savalli 2016. Dinosaurs: A Laboratory Manual. Available at ASU West Book Store.

The Instructor: Udo M. Savalli

Announcements & Upcoming

  • Dec 6-7 — Office Hours: 10:00-2:00 pm
  • Dec 8 — Final Exam: 7:30-9:20 pm

Tentative Lecture Schedule
(Fall 2016)

Week of:
August 18 —Course Introduction
23-26 —Scientific Method; History of Dino Exploration1, 14
Aug 30-Sep 1 —Fossils & Paleontological Techniques1-2
September 6-8 — Stratigraphy; Evolution2, 3
13-15 — Phylogenetic Trees & Classification3
20-22 —Exam 1, Sep 20
History of Earth; Plate Tectonics

27-29 —Vertebrate Skeleton; Reptile Diversity4, 13
October 4-6 —Dino Diets & Diversity: Armored Dinosaurs5
11-13 —Dino Sex Lives & Diversity: Horned Dinosaurs
No Class—Fall Break, Oct 11
18-20 —Dino Diversity: Duckbills; Parental Care
Exam 2, Oct 20
25-27 —Dino Diversity: Giant Long-necks; Gigantism8
November 1-3 —Dino Diversity: The Meat Eaters9-10
8-10 —Feathered Dinosaurs & Bird Origins
No Class—Veteran's Day, Nov 8
15-17 —Warm-blooded Dinosaurs & Dinosaur Ecology12, 13
22-24 —The Extinction of the Dinosaurs
No Class—Thanksgiving, Nov 24
Nov 29-Dec 1 —Exam 3, Nov 29
December 8 —Final Exam: 7:30 - 9:20

Lab Schedule
(Fall 2016)

Aug 26 —Lab Safety; History of Paleontologynone
Sep 2 —Introduction to Rocks & Fossils1, 2
Sep 9 —Estimating Age of Rocks3
Sep 16 —Evolution & Phylogenetic Methods4
Sep 23 or 24 —Fossil Hunting Trip5
Sep 30 —Variation & Diversity in Fossil Community5
Oct 7 —The Vertebrate Skeleton6, 7
Oct 14 —Diet and Teeth9
Oct 21 —Prehistoric Reptiles12
Oct 28 —Herbivorous Dinosaurs13, 14
Nov 4 —Theropod Dinosaurs15
Nov 18 —Estimating Mass of Dinosaurs
Self-guided tour of AZMNH due
10, 11
Dec 2 —The Origin of Birds16

Lab Info:

Lab 1—Lab Safety; History of Paleontology (Aug 26)
Video Worksheet: Dinosaur Secrets Revealed acrobat

Lab 2—Intro to Rocks & Fossils (Sep 2)
Lab 2 Worksheet acrobat

Rocks Online Supplement
Fossils Online Supplement
Lagerstätte Online Supplement

Lab 3—The Age of Rocks (Sep 9)
Lab 3 Worksheet acrobat

Lab 4—Phylogenetic Methods (Sep 16)
Lab 4 Worksheet acrobat

Lab 5—Field Trip (Friday, Sep 23 or Saturday, Sep 24)
Field Trip Info acrobat

Lab 6—Diversity of an Ancient Community (Sep 30)
Lab 6 Worksheet acrobat
Class Fossil Data acrobat

Lab 7—The Vertebrate Skeleton (Oct 7)
Lab 7 Worksheet acrobat

Skeletons Online Supplement
Skulls Online Supplement
Skin Online Supplement

Lab 8—Diet and Teeth (Oct 14)
Lab 8 Worksheet acrobat

Mesozoic Plants Online Supplement
Dinosaur Diets Online Supplement
Dinosaur Skulls Online Supplement

Lab 9—Prehistoric Reptile Diversity (Oct 21)
Lab 9 Worksheet acrobat

Reptile Phylogeny Overview
Prehistoric Reptile Online Supplement

Lab 10—Herbivorous Dinosaurs (Oct 28)
Lab 10 Worksheet acrobat

Reptile Phylogeny Overview
Herbivorous Dinosaurs Online Supplement

Lab 11—Theropod Dinosaurs (Nov 4)
Lab 11 Worksheet acrobat

Carnivorous Dinosaurs Online Supplement

Self-guided Tour of AZNHM (complete on your own prior to Nov 18)
AZ NHM Worksheet acrobat

Lab 12—Estimating Dinosaur Mass (Nov 18)
Lab 12 Worksheet acrobat
Class Data acrobat

Lab 13—The Origin of Birds (Dec 2)
Bird Origins Online Supplement

acrobat All handouts in PDF format

General Handouts
Lecture Notes
Exam Reviews
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