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Reptile Diversity: Fossils & Fossil Replicas

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Synapsid Skull Replicas

Oedaleops campi skull replica ("Pelycosauria") Thrinaxodon sp. skull replica ("Cynodontia")
Oedaleops skull replica Thrinaxodon skull replica

Marine Reptiles

Replica of a juvenile Stenopterygius sp. fossil
Clade Ichthyosauria
Early Jurassic Period, 183-179 Ma; Europe
Stenopterygius Fossil Replica

Keichousaurus hui fossil, juvenile
Clade Nothosauria
Middle Triassic Period, 245-234 Ma; China
Keichousaurus Fossil

Stem-Archosaurs (Archosauromorphs)

Juvenile Hyphalosaurus lingyuanensis fossil
Clade Choristodera
Early Cretaceous Period, Yixian Formation, 125 Ma; China
Hyphalosaurus Fossil Replica

Replica of the only fossil of Sharovipteryx mirabilis
Clade Protorosauria
Late Triassic Period, 225 Ma; Russia
Sharovipteryx Fossil


Replica of a Rhamphorhynchus muensteri fossil
Family Rhamphorhynchidae
Late Jurassic Period, 151-148 Ma; Europe
Rhamphorhynchus Fossil Replica

Replica of a Pterodactylus kochi fossil
Family Pterodactylidae
Late Jurassic Period, 145 Ma; Europe)
Pterodactylus Fossil Replica
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