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Connective Tissues

Connective Tissue Proper

areolar CT Areolar or Loose CT
  1. Collagen Fibers
  2. Nucleus of fibroblast
  3. Macrophage
  4. Elastic Fibers

reticular CT reticular CT Reticular CT
  1. Reticular Fibers (2 examples)

adipose Adipose Tissue
  1. Adipocytes (fat vacuole)
  2. Nuclei

dense regular CT
dense regular CT
Dense Regular CT (2 examples)
  1. Fibroblast nuclei
  2. Collagen fibers

dense irregular CT
dense irregular CT
Dense Irregular CT (2 examples)
  1. Collagen fiber bundles

elastic CT Elastic CT
  1. Fibroblast nuclei
  2. Elastic fiber bundles


hyaline cartilage
hyaline cartilage
Hyaline Cartilage (2 examples)
  1. Chondrocyte in lacuna
  2. Matrix

Fibrocartilage (2 examples)
  1. Chondrocyte in lacuna
  2. Collagen fiber bundles

elastic cartilage
elastic cartilage
Elastic Cartilage (2 examples)
  1. Chondrocyte in lacuna
  2. Elastic fibers


bone Compact Bone (ground)
  1. Central (Haversian) Canal
  2. Osteocyte in lacuna
  3. Canaliculi
  4. Lamellae
  5. Osteon
bone Spongy (=Cancellous) Bone (decalcified)
  1. Osteocytes in lacunae
  2. Trabeculae
  3. Adipocyte in marrow
  4. Reticular CT in marrow

Other Connective Tissues

blood Blood
  1. Red blood cells (erythrocytes)
  2. White blood cells (leucocytes)
  3. Platelets

mesenchyme Embryonic Mesenchyme
  1. Mesenchymal cells
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