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BIO 201 — Human Anatomy & Physiology I Lab

Updated 13 December 2013

Course Information

Description: Laboratory portion of Bio 201: Human Anatomy & Physiology I.

Current Lab Sections:
I am not currently teaching BIO 201

The Instructor: Udo M. Savalli
Dr. Savalli's Web Page for Lecture Portion of Class

Required Supplies: Goggles

Lab Manual: E.N. Marieb, S.J. Mitchell & L.A. Smith 2014. Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual With Cat Dissection, 7th ed. Pearson (ISBN 978-0-321-888418-3)

Supplemental DVD: PhysioEx 9.0

Lab Manual Cover PhysioEx Cover

Lab Schedule
(Fall 2013)

Aug 22-23 —No Labs
Aug 29-30 —Introduction to the Human Body and Organ Systems1-2
Sep 5-6 —Microscope & Cells3-4
Sep 12-13 —Epithelial, Nervous, & Muscle Tissue
PhysioEx: Cell Transport
Sep 19-20 —Connective Tissue & Skin5, 6
Sep 26-27 —Introduction to Bones; Axial Skeleton7-8
Oct 3-4 —Appendicular Skeleton & Joints9-10
Oct 10-11 —Lab Practical 1
Oct 17-18 —Muscle Histology & Muscles of the Axial Skeleton11-12
Oct 24-25 —Muscles of the Appendicular Skeleton
PhysioEx: Skeletal Muscle Physiology
Oct 31-Nov 1 —Cat Dissection: Muscles & Nerves12
Nov 7-8 —Nervous System
PhysioEx: Neurophysiology of Nerve Impulses
13, 15
Nov 14-15 —Brains 14
Nov 21-22 —Senses: Eyes & Ears17-20
Nov 28-29 —Thanksgiving: No Labs
Dec 5-6 —Lab Practical 2

  1. Linked topics go to online review.
  2. Exercises in Marieb et al. 2014. Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual With Cat Dissections

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General Lab Handouts
Lab Supplements & Assignments

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