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LSC 322 — Fund. of Ecology Laboratory

Updated 24 March 2017

Course Information

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Description: A laboratory course designed to introduce students to the basic techniques of scientific research in the discipline of ecology. 3 hours lab. Fee. Pre or corequisite: BIO 320.

Current Section:
Th 8:00 - 10:45 — CLCC 385
Th 1:30 - 4:15 — CLCC 385

The Instructor: Udo M. Savalli

Text: McMillan, V.E. 2012. Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences, 5th ed. Bedford/St. Martin’s.
You are also expected to review relevant chapters in the text for the lecture class (BIO 320 or similar) and additional readings that will be posted.

General Handouts:

  • Course syllabus (Spring 17)
  • Assumption of Risk Form
  • Field Safety Agreement

  • Excel workbook for statistical analyses

  • Some General Information About Writing Lab Reports
  • ASU Writing Centers
  • ASU Libraries One Search

  • Independent Projects Information
  • Lab Schedule
    (Spring 2017)

    Additional Info:
    Jan 12 — Course Intro & Lab Safety CLCC 385
    Jan 19 — Science, Hypothesis Testing & Statistics CLCC 385 Worksheet
    Jan 26 — Soil Ecology (part 1) CLCC 385 Spider Web Article Article Review Worksheet
    Feb 2 — Soil Ecology (part 2); Review Scientific Article CLCC 385 Class Soil Data Worksheet
    Feb 9 — Allometry & Temperature Physiology CLCC 385 Class Cricket Data Writeup: Methods & Results
    Feb 16 — A Walk in the Park Phoenix Sonoran Preserve Map
    Directions: Google | BIng
    Guide to Writing Field Notes
    Annotated Sample Field Notes
    Field Notes
    Feb 23 — Bird Foraging Strategy CLCC 385 (Outdoor lab on campus) Class Foraging Data: AM Lab | PM Lab Writeup: Introduction —due Sat, Mar 4, 5 pm
    Worksheet —due next lab
    Mar 2 — Vertebrate Population Density Piestewa Peak Preserve — 40th St.
    Directions: Google | BIng
    Class Population Census Data revised 13 Mar Worksheet
    Mar 9 — Spring Break — No Class
    Mar 16 — Pollination ecology Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area
    Directions: Google | BIng
    ID Guide to Flowers & Pollinators Writeup: Results & Discussion
    Mar 23 — Plant Diversity Piestewa Peak Preserve — 40th St.
    Directions: Google | BIng
    Guide to Local Plants
    Excel File for Diversity Analysis
    Writeup: Full Paper due Apr 6
    Mar 30 — Competition: Plant Allelopathy, part 1 New! CLCC 385 Worksheet New! due Apr 20
    Apr 6 — Present Independent Project Proposals CLCC 385 Project Proposal due
    Apr 13 — Work on Independent Project CLCC 385 or your field site(s)
    Apr 20 — Final consultation with instructor on independent project CLCC 213 By individual appointment
    Apr 27 — Independent Project Presentations CLCC 385 Project due

    1. Links go to Lab Handouts: You must print and bring them with you to lab or field! (All handouts in PDF format; require free Acrobat Readeracrobat)
    2. Due on the following lab unless indicated otherwise on the assignment

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