BIO 385 Invertebrate Zoology
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Invertebrate Diversity
Phylum Nemertea

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Phylum Nemertea Ribbon Worms


  • Body usually very long, flattened
  • Unsegmented
  • Complete gut (separate mouth and anus)
  • Closed circulatory system
  • Retractable proboscis posterior to gut; housed in cavity: rhynchocoel (coelom)
  • Mostly marine, a few in fresh water
Slime Worm
Slime Worm, Oerstedia dorsalis; La Jolla, CA
Preserved Ribbonworm
Milky Ribbonworm, Cerebratulus lacteus, preserved specimen. Color varies with age and sex
Nemertean C.S.
Unidentified Nemertean cross sections
See also labeled photo.
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