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BIO 301 — Field Natural History of Arizona

Updated 11 May 2012

Course Information

Description: Organisms and their natural environment. Weekly field trips, field project. Cannot be used for major credit in the biological sciences. Fee. Pre or corequisite: BIO 300. General studies: SG (if credit also earned in BIO 300).

Current Sections:
I am not currently teaching BIO 301

The Instructor: Udo M. Savalli

Course Syllabus (Spring 12)

Assumption of Risk Form

Required Text: None

NHSD Cover PAZ Cover GSWS Cover

Optional Texts & Reference:
Phillips, S. & Comus, P. (eds) 2000. A Natural History of the Sonoran Desert. Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Press.
Epple, A.O. 1995. Field Guide to the Plants of Arizona. LewAnn Publishing Co./Falcon Press.
Alden, P. et al. 1999. National Audubon Society Field Guide to the Southwestern States. Alfred A. Knopf.
Field guides to birds, reptiles, etc.

Required Supplies: Small notebook, water bottle, appropriate field clothes

Lab Schedule
(Spring 2012)

Additional Info:
Jan 10 No Lab This Week
Jan 17 Laboratory Introduction;
Quantifying data
CLCC 352 Quantification Worksheet due Jan 24/31
Jan 24/31 A Walk in the Park Thunderbird Park (Park Map)
Directions (Google Maps)
Guide to Writing Field Notes
Annotated Sample Field Notes
Field Notes #1 due Jan 24/31
Feb 7/14 Plant Community Structure Piestewa Peak Preserve, North (Park Map)
Directions (Google Maps)
Guide to Local Plants
Excel File for Transect Analysis
Plant Diversity Worksheet due Feb 21/28
Feb 21/28 Wetland Bird Community Tres Rios Constructed Wetlands
Directions (Google Maps)
Arizona Museum of Natural History Field Notes #2 due Mar 6/13
AZ MNH Worksheet due Feb 21/28
Mar 6/13 Plant-Pollinator Mutualism Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Area
Directions (Google Maps)
Guide to Flowers & Pollinators
Excel File for Pollination Analysis
Pueblo Grande Museum
Pollination Worksheet due Mar 27/Apr 3
Pueblo Grande Museum Worksheet due Mar 6/13
Mar 20Spring Break
Mar 27/Apr 3 Soil Microfauna Survey CLCC 352 Key to Soil Invertebrates
Desert Botanical Garden
Microfauna Worksheet due Apr 10/17
Botanical Garden Worksheet due Mar 27/Apr 3
Apr 10/17 Urban Lizard Survey Piestewa Peak Preserve, South
Directions (Google Maps)
Excel File for Chuckwalla Analysis
Phoenix Zoo
Urban Lizard Worksheet due Apr 24
Zoo Worksheet due Apr 10/17
Apr 215
Riparian Wildlife Hassayampa Nature Preserve
Directions (Google Maps)
Meet at site at 7:00 am Field Notes #3 (Riparian) due Apr 24
Apr 24No Lab This WeekTurn in assignments by 4 pm to CLCC 217 (mailbox)
or CLCC 116 (my office).

  1. Dates are for the A and B lab groups, respectively
  2. Links go to Lab Handouts: You must print and bring them with you to lab or field! (All handouts in PDF format; require free Acrobat Readeracrobat)
  3. Directions are from campus; additional directions given in lab handouts
  4. Due at the start of indicated lab or field trip
  5. Field trip is optional or makeup for excused absence (must turn in field notes for makeup credit)
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