BIO 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology
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The Pelvic Girdle

Bones (fused) and markings of the Coxal Bone (ox coxa or innominate bone).

You will be responsible for knowing the individual (fused) bones and the markings of the pelvis listed on the handout provided. You will also need to determine right and left from a single coxal bone (as in the following photo) and to determine gender (male or female) from a complete pelvis (see below).

os coxa unlabeled

  • Acetabulum (part)
  • Greater sciatic notch
  • Iliac crest
  • Auricular surface (not shown)

  • Acetabulum (part)
  • Ischial spine
  • Ischial tuberosity
  • Lesser Sciatic notch
  • Obturator foramen (part)

  • Acetabulum (part)
  • Obturator foramen (part)
  • Pubic symphysis

Check Your Answers!

The illustration below highlights the key differences between the male (left) and female (right) pelvis.

Pelvis sex differences

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