BIO 201 Human Anatomy & Physiology
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Bones of the Hand & Foot

Bones of the Manus (Hand)

In order to facilitate comparison between similar bones and to highlight similarities in structure and names of markings, I have put the bones of the hand and foot together rather than featuring one limb at a time.
Hand bones, dorsal view unlabeled

Hand bones, palmar view unlabeled
  • Carpals
  • Metacarpals (I-V)
  • Phalanges
    • Proximal
    • Middle
    • Distal

Bones of the Pes (Foot)

Foot bones, medial view unlabeled
Foot bones, inferior view unlabeled
  • Tarsals
    • Calcaneous
    • Talus
  • Metatarsals (I-V)
  • Phalanges
    • Proximal
    • Middle
    • Distal

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