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Comparison of the Distal Limb Bones

Identify the listed markings on the following bones.

In order to facilitate comparison between similar bones and to highlight similarities in structure and names of markings, I have put the two bones of the distal portion of each limb (tibia, fibula, ulna, and radius) together rather than featuring one limb at a time. To examine one limb at a time, and how bones connect, review your lab manual. You will also need to be able to distinguish left from right for the tibia and ulna.

  • Coronoid process
  • Olecranon process
  • Radial notch
  • Ulnar styloid process
  • Trochlear notch
  • Head
  • Radial styloid process
  • Lateral condyle
  • Medial condyle
  • Medial malleolus
  • Tibial tuberosity
  • Head
  • Lateral malleolus
Distal limb bones unlabeled

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