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BIO 182 — General Biology II Lab

Updated 20 December 2012

Course Information

Description: Laboratory portion of Bio 182: General Biology II.

Current Lab Section:
I am not currently teaching BIO 182

The Instructor: Udo M. Savalli

Required Supplies: Goggles, 2 Scantron forms

Lab Manual: Vodopich, D. & Moore, R. 2010. Biology Laboratory Manual, 9th ed.. McGraw-Hill (ISBN 978-0-07-738969-7)

Additional Text: V. E. McMillan 2012. Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences, 5th ed. Bedford/St Martins (ISBN 978-0-312-64971-5)

Lab Manual Cover Writing in Biology Cover

Lab Schedule
(Fall 2012)

Assignment Due:
Aug 23/24 —No Lab
Aug 30/31 —Lab Safety & Mendelian Genetics Review
Sep 6/7 —Evolutionary Genetics18, handout
Sep 13/14 —Experimental Design & Scientific Literature1, 51, handoutGenetics HW
Sep 20/21 —Conduct an ExperimentHandoutReferences
Sep 27/28 —Protists25-26Drawings
Oct 4/5 —Non-flowering Plants28-30Drawings
Oct 11/12 —Flowering Plants31-32Drawings; Lab Report
Oct 18/19 —Fungi26.8-27Drawings
Oct 25/26 —Lab Practical 1
Nov 1/2 —Animal Diveristy 136-38Drawings
Nov 8/9 —Animal Diversity 239-40Drawings
Nov 15/16 —Vertebrate Structure: The Rat42, 47-49Drawings; Lab Report Rewrite
Nov 22/23 —No Lab: Thanksgiving
Nov 29/30 —Human Evolution19
Dec 6/7 —Lab Practical 2

* Exercises in Lab Manual (Vodopich & Moore)

acrobat All handouts in PDF format; require free Acrobat Reader

General Lab Handouts
Lab Supplements & Assignments

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