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Lab 8
Dinosaur Diets

See also Mesozoic Plants

Skulls & Teeth vs Diet of Modern Animals

Carnivores: Grasp Prey and Swallow Whole

Commonly found in fish eaters (and insect eaters)
Sea Lion Skull:
sealion skull
Alligator Teeth:
gator teeth
Dolphin Teeth:
dolphin teeth

Carnivores: Crush Hard-shelled Prey

Feed on clams, snails, crabs, turtles, etc.
Caiman Lizard Skull:
Caiman lizard skull
Spottail Pinfish Jaw:
fish jaw

Carnivores: Slice Vertebrate Prey

Eat large animal prey by slicing or cutting off chunks of flesh
Jackal skull: Note cheek teeth
jackal skull
Monitor Lizard Skull:
monitor skull
Requiem Shark Jaw
shark jaw

Herbivores: Shear, Crop or Pluck Plants

Use blade-like teeth to crop leaves and other plant parts that are then swallowed whole
Iguana Lizard Teeth:
iguana teeth

Herbivores: Grinding Plants

Grind up plants in mouth (chewing) before swallowing
Deer Skull (note grinding surfaces on cheek teeth):
deer skull
Horse Skull (front incisors crop vegetation, cheek teeth grind it):
horse skull
Beaver Skull:
beaver skull


Eat a mixed diet of both plant and animal matter
Peccary (Javelina) Skull:
javelina skull
Chimpanzee Skull:
chimp skull
Snapping Turtle Skull (most turtles are carnivorous when young but become omnivorous or herbivorous when older; beaks can support a variety of diets):
turtle skull

Dinosaur & Prehistoric Reptile Teeth
Use your knowledge of modern animal diets (above) to determine the diets of marine reptiles and dinosaurs

Mosasaur (Marine Reptile) Teeth
All teeth oriented with the tip up and root down
Halisaurus arambourgi tooth:
mosasaur tooth
Platecarpus ptychodon tooth with root:
Platecarpus tooth
Prognathodon sp. tooth:
Prognathodon tooth
Globidens aegypticus tooth:
Globidens tooth

Other Prehistoric Reptile Teeth
All teeth oriented with the tip down and root up
Brachychampsa (Crocodile) Tooth:

Brachychampsa tooth
Zarafasaura oceanis (plesiosaur marine reptile) tooth:
Zarafasaura tooth
Phytosaur (Redondosaurus or Machaeroprosopus) tooth:
Platecarpus tooth
Coloborhynchus moroccensis (flying reptile) tooth:
Coloborhynchus Tooth

Theropod Dinosaur Teeth
All teeth oriented with the tip down and root up. Not to scale.
Spinosaurus Tooth:
spino tooth
Carcharodontosaurus Tooth:
carcharodont tooth
Giganotosaurus Tooth:
Giganotosaurus tooth
Allosaurus Tooth:
Allosaurus tooth

Tyrannosaurus Tooth:
Trex tooth
African Dromeosaur Tooth:
deltadromeus tooth
Saurornitholestes Tooth:
Saurornitholestes tooth
Acheroraptor Tooth:
Dromeosaur tooth

Dental Batteries
Teeth are oriented with grinding surface up and roots down
Individual Hadrosaur Tooth:
Hadrosaur teeth
Edmontosaurus (a type of Hadrosaur) Dental Battery:
Triceratops Tooth:
Triceratops tooth

Other Dinosaur Teeth
Teeth are oriented with tips down and roots up
Camarasaurus Tooth:
camara teeth
Rebbachisaurus Tooth:
Rebbachisaurus teeth
Ankylosaurus Tooth:
Ankylosaurus tooth
Thescelosaurus Tooth:
Thescelosaurus tooth
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